How do I get started?

The First thing you need to do is set up a meeting with one of our team members. They will review all the different set up information and personally get your account ready. They will let you know each step.

Can anyone join Trinity?

Trinity is a private firm. Each person has to meet qualifications to become a member. We do this keep our company intimate and communication open. We appreciate referrals and will consider anyone you present.

What happens to my monthly due?

100% of your monthly due remains in your capital account until you decide to use it. There are no fees associated with your contribution.

How do receive returns?

As properties produce returns they will be distributed to your capital account. The money in your capital account is all yours. Any management fees have already been deducted.

Can I withdraw my funds?

Each property will have a minimum capital account requirement to cover shortfalls and or expenses. You may withdraw any amount above your minimum and next months’ dues.

How do I determine if an offering is a good fit for me?

Each property will have all the relevant risk, returns, and information needed to make your decision located right in your back office. We encourage you to attend the meeting that will be set for each property. Once that is complete you may schedule a time to ask any further questions. The meetings are crucial to make as other investors will ask questions that you may not think of but would like to know.

Do I have any responsibility in any property?

Absolutely Zero! We manage the investment in every aspect. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

How do I know how my investment is doing?

We will provide quarterly financials and appropriate return information. Each year a full evaluation of income, appreciation, returns, plans for the future, ect will be provided in our annual investors appreciation event. This is an event you won’t want to miss. At any time, you can log into your capital account and see all your investments, related returns, distributions, and any other information made available to us.

How much do I need to invest on each property?

You don’t have to invest in every property. You review all the relevant information and decide if it’s a good fit for you. Once you have determined if it is, you decide how much to invest. Each property will have a required minimum.

How are taxes prepaid?

Trinity will file all tax returns and present you with any applicable K-1s. All properties have their own tax return to keep things easy to understand. Please consult with your tax advisor to understand the tax implications of investing with Trinity.

Can I get out of my investments?

Yes, you can liquidate any Trinity Investment. The first offering will be presented to the current people in the investment you are trying to liquidate. If no one takes the offer it will then be offered to anyone in the Trinity Firm. Both of these options will be done in accordance with the investment buy/sell guidelines. If both of these options aren’t executed, you will be able to sell your investment to an outside investor that must be Trinity approved. They will then become part of the firm and be required to follow all firm rules.

What documents can I expect on each investment?

Each investment will come with its own set of attorney prepared state documents, operating agreements, and ownership related documents. Please keep these in a safe spot should you need them.

How long are Trinity investments kept before sold?

That is on a case by case basis. Markets go in cycles and we will sell an investment when the timing is just right to maximize returns. We shoot for a 5-10 year holds unless an offer presents itself that we simply can’t pass up. Our success depends on our ability to produce amazing returns for you the investor.

Where are Trinity Investments located?

Wherever we can find the best opportunity. That might be in des moines or that might be in a foreign country. We have both a domestic division and an international division.

What kind of returns are typical with Trinity investments?

Trinity’s investment strategy is to get 7-10% cash on cash returns, 4-6% equity returns, and 1% appreciation returns year after year. We will not invest in a property unless they meet these requirements unless it falls under our “Buy it, redevelop it, and sell it” approach. These investments will typically have the highest returns but come with the most risk.

Am I investing directly in the property?

Yes! All partners will be on the deed and the mortgage of each investment.

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